Paul & Carly

We are husband and wife team Carly & Paul Boileau and we started our Lavender Farm Five Years ago.

It is a passion project that has brought us many highs …and a few lows.

We started by planting one field, that has now grown to three fields all prepped, hand planted …and weeded, by the two of us!
We are determined to keep it natural, just beautiful clean soil, naturally sweetened by the horses that roamed there for 15 years!

Are we mad? Probably, are we excited…VERY.

We have so many ideas for the farm and the property.

We are currently refurbishing an old barn and plan on distilling our own Essential Oil, eventually. But being only two, we have to work slowly and steadily and ride the waves of weather ….and cash flow!

We hope you can come and visit, so you can enjoy what we have achieved so far. Wish us luck !